20 years of experience in the IT Industry

DAPHNE CAMBRIDGE LTD is an IT, trade, foreign trade and consultancy firm based in Cambridge, UK.

At DC Technology Solutions, we have over 20 years of overseas experience in Project Sales and Management in the IT industry. We now offer IT Solutions services to Business, SME, Home Workers and Home Users in Cambridge.

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Our other fields of activity

Business Management Consulting and Trade


International Health & Medical Tourism

Who can we help?

While we never separate our customers, our priority is Restaurants, Business, SMEs, Home Workers and Home Users.

Restaurants & Grosery Shops

Don’t be fooled by what we call a restaurant. We provide POS and ordering solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, takeaway restaurants, food trucks and grosery shops.

Business & SMEs

We know how important it is for small businesses to focus on their day-to-day business processes that protect their profits!

Home Workers & Home Users

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to stay away from IT solutions.Sometimes it can be confusing if IT is not part of our daily work. Do not be afraid, we are with you!

Our Happy Clients

Our happy customers to whom we provide consultancy services

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